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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Clean My Fireplace Yearly?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as residue-free woodburning. The residue that clings to the side of the chimney as it cools is called creosote. It comes in several stages, from a light flaky soot form that is easily brushed to a shiny tar-like substance which is very difficult to remove. All forms are highly flamible. Yearly cleanings of the smoke chamber reduces the chance of a chimney fire.

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Aren't Chimneys Made for Fire?

Chimneys and venting are used to carry the smoke safely from the firebox to the outdoors. The firebox was constructed to withstand the temperatures that a fire or flame will produce, an average of 450-700 degrees. When the creosote accumulated on the walls of the chimney catch fire, the temperatures can reach 1200 to 1800 degreese in a matter of seconds. This expands the structure or venting beyond its capacity, breaking the integrity of the chimney seals and materials causing damage to the structure.

Why Should I Have a Cap on My Chimney?

A chimney cap fits on the top or end of a chimney outside the house. It is protection from the weather. Any moisture can erode the mortar joints, the crown, and the flue tiles. Leaking may also damage your hearth and carpet. Rust will damage metal fireboxes and dampers. Caps include a solid top and screening to keep nesting animals and debris out of the chimney and your home while keeping airborne embers from igniting shingles or trees. A cap is a small but valuable investment for your home.


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