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Randy experienced chimney construction and repair before he became a chimney sweep under Robbie Marks Masonry in northern California. He learned a range of masonry skills and was taught to do quality work that he can take pride in.


Randy found the physics of chimneys and the aspects of flame, air control, heat, and smoke all very interesting. After much research and educational reading, he was moved to become a professional sweep and help people be comfortable in using their fireplace or stove to heat their home. That commitment is passed on to all the apprentice sweeps he has trained. Though this process can take a year or two, depending on how fast they pick up the trade and learn the many applicable codes, Randy insists that they all get certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and/or the National Fireplace Institute.

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As the industry advances in technology, we keep up with the latest tools and equipment, and methods of repair, sweeping techniques, and code changes. We have a long and proud history and have earned the respect and trust of many thousands of happy customers.


We look forward to many more years of keeping our customers' fireplaces and wood stoves in as safe as a working condition as possible.

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