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One of the most annoying and common problems that are encountered on a daily basis is backdrafting. It is difficult to determine the cause of backdrafting and therefore needs cooperation of both the sweep and the homeowner.


If the homeowner is not able to analyze the symptoms, our team at A Clean Sweep LLC of Greeley, CO will stop by and light a fire in the fireplace or appliance and observe causable symptoms of backdrafting. It's important to take note of solutions attempted to fix the backdrafting problem. Call us at 877-793-3720.

Identifying Causes of Backdrafting

Articulate solutions for backdrafting problem

  • Open a window or turn off a fan and check whether the damper is open while the fire is lighted

  • Check the smoke shelf and lintel construction

  • Analyze the chimney height along with the termination height; fit a clay tile to the top of the chimney to see if that alleviates the problem. If it works, you can raise the chimney

  • Install an outside air supply for the fireplace to initiate weatherization of the house

  • Identify and remove obstructions, blockages (like leaves and pine needles), and creosote buildup from the chimney

  • Extend the chimney above the turbulence or the high pressure zone if there is unusual high pressure at the top of the flue

Investigating and Troubleshooting Smoking Fireplace Problems

We can help you troubleshoot your fireplace or wood stove. Call


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